You asked for it. We researched, tested, and decided. Now Better Banner brings you the
EZ-Swap Retractable Banner Stand
Finally, an interchangeable stand that allows you to swap out graphics quickly and painlessly without scissors, tape, screwdrivers, or the possibility of ruining your prints in the process... with the same durability you've come to expect from our Retractable Banner Stands.

There were quite a few customers out there asking for a retractable banner stand that allowed graphics to be changed without hassle. Now we realize many retractable banner stands you see on the market are advertised as being "interchangeable". But the truth is, it is so ANNOYING! Who has high bond double sided tape laying around? Who wants to cut bits and pieces off their bottom leader until it is gone and you can't use your graphic anymore? In fact, you CAN interchange graphics on our normal Retractable Banner Stand in this way, but we never advertised it as such because we felt like that would be wrong. We never bring something as a "solution" to our customers unless it works in the real world. The EZ-Swap Retractable Stand is our final choice after testing many different models and solutions. We had three things we looked for:
  1. You must easily be able to interchange graphic prints over and over without damage or hassle.
  2. The stand must be just as durable as our regular Retractable Banner Stand. Nothing shoddy.
  3. It should not cost an arm and a leg for these extra options.

The EZ-Swap Retractable Stand brings you all this for only $249.
(Price includes banner and padded carrying case.)


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